Docket ID: 1:23-cv-11802
Date filed: 2024/01/16
Filed By: court
Court: United States District Court District of Massachusetts

Judge Indira Talwani: ELECTRONIC ORDER granting Plaintiff's Motion 26 as follows. The deadline for Plaintiff to file a motion for default judgment against Patriot Front is stayed pending further court and Plaintiff is granted leave pursuant to Fed. R. Civ. P. 26(d) to conduct third-party discovery in advance of a Rule 26(f) conference, limited to: (1) obtaining information necessary to complete service on Thomas Rousseau and (2) identifying and serving the John Doe Defendants. (Kelly, Danielle)

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This document either does not exist in the court filing system, or it does exist, but no one has downloaded it yet. Often, courts will put entries on the docket report for things that happen in a case, but there may be no actual document associated with the action. Some documents are not made available to the general public.