Paul Gancarz, Daniel Turetchi, Colton Brown, James Johnson, Amelia Johnson v. David Alan Capito II

This federal civil case has been brought by Patriot Front members against an anti-fascist who exposed their membership in the hate group, which they claim resulted in losing their jobs. The defendant allegedly infiltrated the Patriot Front and was able to publicly expose the plaintiff's membership in the white nationalist hate group. They claim the defendant's actions not only harmed them financially, but took away their first amendment right to have 'unpopular' ideas.


Number Date Filed Document Filed By Pages Type Cost to Retrieve
1 07/25/2023 This is the original complaint filed by the Patriot Front plaintiffs against an anti-fascist. The 20-page complaint alleges that the anti-fascist defendant harmed these members of the hate group called Patriot Front. The plaintiffs allege that the defendant's actions caused them to lose their jobs and become outcasts after being exposed as members of a white nationalist hate group. 07/25/2023 20 pdf 2 View
2 07/26/2023 Order by judge outlining the process for civil cases in this court. 07/26/2023 5 pdf 0.5 View
3 09/25/2023 Summons filed against defendant David Alan Capito II, aka Vyacheslav Arkangelskiy 09/25/2023 1 pdf 0.1 View
4 09/26/2023 Signed by Clerk summons filed against defendant David Alan Capito II, aka Vyacheslav Arkangelskiy 09/26/2023 1 pdf 0.1 View
6 11/21/2023 Plaintiff response to show cause that defendant is hard to serve in this case, and request 90 more days. 11/21/2023 6 pdf 0.6 View
7 11/21/2023 Declaration by plaintiff's lawyer regarding document 6. 11/21/2023 4 pdf 0.4 View
7-1 11/21/2023 Copies of service attempt for defendant at one location in Washington state in support of document 6. 11/21/2023 3 pdf 0.3 View
8 11/27/2023 Judge grants plaintiff's request for 90 additional days to serve defendant in this case. 11/27/2023 3 pdf 0.3 View
9 02/14/2024 Patriot Front plaintiff's can't find the defendant. They've hired multiple investigators to try to track down the defedant to serve them. None have found the defendant 02/14/2024 13 pdf 1.3 View
9-1 02/14/2024 Patriot Front plaintiff's proposed motion to extend time to serve defendant, to use 'alternative' means to serve the defendant (publishing the serving notice in a newspaper), and this order seeks to add a new alias supposedly used by the defendant. 02/14/2024 3 pdf 0.3 View
10 02/14/2024 Declaration by Private Investigator Stephen Robinson regarding the means Robinson employed to find the defendant to serve them in this case. 02/14/2024 3 pdf 0.3 View
11 02/14/2024 Declaration by Plaintiff Attorney Christopher Hogue stating that the information in the filing to amend the case title to include another alias reportedly used by the defendant is accurate. 02/14/2024 3 pdf 0.3 View
11-1 02/14/2024 Exhibit A by plaintiff's requesting that the case title by changed to include a reportedly new alias for the defendant. 02/14/2024 2 pdf 0.2 View