Docket ID: 3:22-cv-00670-MHL
Date filed: 01/22/2024
Filed By: court
Court: United States District Court Eastern District of Virginia

Judge orders that Local Civil Rules for the US District Court for the Eastern District Rule 7(E) shall not apply to this case. Rule 7(E) is the Return Date rule. Except as otherwise provided by an order of the Court or by these Local Rules, all motions shall be made returnable to the time obtained from and scheduled by the Court for a hearing thereon. The moving party shall be responsible to set the motion for hearing or to arrange with opposing counsel for submission of the motion without oral argument. Unless otherwise ordered, a motion shall be deemed withdrawn if the movant does not set it for hearing (or arrange to submit it without a hearing) within thirty (30) days after the date on which the motion is filed. The non-moving party also may arrange for a hearing. Before endeavoring to secure an appointment for a hearing on any motion, it shall be incumbent upon the counsel desiring such hearing to meet and confer in person or by telephone with his or her opposing counsel in a good-faith effort to narrow the area of disagreement. In the absence of any agreement, such conference shall be held in the office of the attorney nearest the Court in the division in which the action is pending. In any division that has a regularly scheduled motions day, the motion should be noticed for the first permissible motions day. The hearing date of motions for summary judgment is also governed by Local Civil Rule 56.

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