Docket ID: nsc-131-mass-civil-case
Date filed: 12/07/2023
Filed By: plaintiff
Court: Massachusetts Superior Court - Suffolk

The Commonwealth brings this action against the defendants, the Nationalist Social Club, Christopher Hood and Liam McNeil (hereafter collectively “Defendants”), to address their escalating violations of the state’s civil rights laws, and the disruptions to public peace and safety caused by their unlawful conduct. The Nationalist Social Club is a private association that is active in New England. Defendants Hood and McNeil direct and control the Club’s activities in Massachusetts. Defendants have recently and repeatedly engaged in violent, threatening, intimidating, and coercive conduct that has interfered with the exercise of rights secured by state and federal law; unlawfully obstructed access to public accommodations, including libraries and hotels; and damaged, defaced, and unlawfully intruded upon property throughout Massachusetts. The Commonwealth brings claims for public nuisance, trespass, civil conspiracy, and violations of the Civil Rights Act (G.L. c. 12, § 11H) and Public Accommodations Law (G.L. c. 272, § 98); and seeks injunctive relief, damages, civil penalties, costs and fees.

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