Tracking fascists in our court system since October 2023

Antifa Docket is a place to warehouse court documents involving white nationalists, Nazis and other hate groups operating in the United States. Court document filing systems are spread out across states, counties and at the federal level. Mainstream reporting on these cases is near zero. Antifa Docket is an attempt to build a useful warehouse of court documents, related information and analysis in one place focused on the activity of white nationalists in our court systems.

All of the court documents published here are public documents, and they are made public here for educational and research purposes.

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How to Help

Gathering this information is time-consuming, and there are often costs associated with retrieving these documents from court systems. So, if you want to help, you can do that in a couple of different ways.


For people who don't have the time, the skills, or desire to contribute as a researcher or reporter, but do have some cash for a t-shirt, this is a great option to make a small contribution to keeping this site up and running.

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Image that you hear about a case involving a white supremacist, or a group of white supremacists, but you don't see that case listed in our cases file. If you find yourself in that situation, or one similar, tell us about the case via email

Become a Researcher

Researching these court cases isn't terribly difficult, and it can be quite interesting to see how each side in each case makes their legal arguments.

It's also rewarding to know that as a researcher you are making a small contribution in increasing the awareness that white nationalism and fascism exist in the United States and it's not rare or uncommon, despite the fact that the mainstream media largely ignores the topic.

Here's how it works

Obviously, we can't research cases we don't know about. So the first step is finding a case involving white nationalists. Once we are aware of a case, research can begin. If it's a federal case, documents can be downloaded from the PACER federal court document system. There are fees associated with downloading documents from PACER. If it's a state or lower court, researchers need to figure out that particular court system works in terms of publishing court documents.

The result are documents that include a short synopsis. If a researcher would prefer to not write the synopsis, contributing the court documents is still very useful. Someone else can fill in the synopsis part.

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