Court Cases

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Case Court Docket Id Status
United States of America v. Nathan Weeden United States District Court Western District of Michigan Northern Division 2:23-cr-00007-RJJ active
Paul Gancarz, Daniel Turetchi, Colton Brown, James Johnson, Amelia Johnson v. David Alan Capito II United States District Court Western District of Washington 2:23-cv-01113-RAJ active
Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Nationalist Social Club (NSC-131), Christopher Hood, and Liam McNeil Massachusetts Superior Court - Suffolk nsc-131-mass-civil-case active
Charles M. Murrell III v. Patriot Front, Thomas Rousseau, and John Does 1-99 United States District Court District of Massachusetts 1:23-cv-11802 active
Richmond, Virginia Residents v. Patriot Front United States District Court Eastern District of Virginia 3:22-cv-00670-MHL active